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Winfield Wolves Tryout Policy

Tryout Process

Please keep in mind any tryout process is not perfect. Some players do not perform as well in tryouts, sometimes players have bad days, some players have exceptional days. The policies and procedures outlines here make the tryout process as fair and objective as possible.  Please see the Wolves Tryout Policy document for details.


Age/Grade Requirements  

The birth date cutoff is April 30 of the playing season. The team (age) level for which a player is eligible is the same as the player’s age on that date. A player cannot play up (i.e. play on a team older than his/her age level) unless he/she is in the same school grade as the older age as seen in the chart below.

Age as of April 30 And In School Grade Team Level
8 2nd 9U (may repeat 9U next year)
9 3rd 9U (may repeat 9U next year)
9 or 10 4th 10U
10 or 11 5th 11U
11 or 12 6th 12U
12 or 13 7th 13U
13 or 14 8th 14U


Note that we will also fill the 10U team prior to filling a 9U team. That is, we won’t field a 9U team if we don’t have enough players for 10U. In this case, the qualified 8 or 9-year-olds will be placed on the 10U team. If cuts need to be made for any the 10U team, 3rd graders (8 or 9-year-olds) will be cut over 4th graders (10-year-olds) regardless of the tryout rankings of the 3rd graders.