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The Winfield Wolves will hold their tryouts for the 2021 season according to the schedule below at Wynwood Fields.  Anyone wanting to tryout for a Wolves Travel baseball team should plan to attend these tryouts.

All sessions will be held at Wynwood Fields.  Wynwood Park is located on the West end of Beecher Rd. in Winfield.


  • To participate, arrive at the appropriate time to check-in and to make sure you are registered.
  • Dress appropriately for playing baseball:  No shorts and participants must have a protective cup to tryout.
  • NOTE: Previous and/or current Wolves players, are not allowed to wear any Wolves team clothing.


Age eligibility is determined by the age of the player on April 30, 2021:

Individual Tryout Sessions will need to be made with the below managers. We are looking for good players wanting to play baseball at a higher level of competition. 

as of 9/8/2020

9U (still looking 1-2 good players) : Please register using the tryout tab above and contact Robb Hannen: to set up an individual tryout. 

10U (still looking for 2-3 good players) : Please register using the tryout tab above and contact Kevin Sewell: to set up an individual tryout. 

11U (Team is Full) : 

12U (still looking for 1-2 good players) : Please register using the tryout tab above and contact Nick Wheat: to set up an individual tryout.  12U will be heading to the Cooperstown Dream Park tournament for the 2021 season

13U (Team is Full) : 


There will be two (2) sessions per age group.  It is recommended to attend both sessions. Please let the appropriate manager know if you will not be able to attend both sessions when you arrive. If you arrive on the second day, please make them aware you were not there on the first tryout day.


The Winfield Wolves recognize that tryout time is an emotional one and that not every participant can make a team.  The Wolves, therefore, strive hard to make the tryout process as objective and fair as possible:

  • Participants will be evaluated by group of 2-4 evaluators on a variety of factors. After tryouts, evaluator's scores and notes are compiled and reviewed by the Wolves Commission.
  • Players are selected by the Commission based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, performance level, commitment, ability, effort and attitude.
  • Player selection and all tryout data are sent to Winfield In Action for review.  Approval Required.
  • Player selection and all tryout data are sent to Winfield Park District for review.  Approval Required.
  • If supplemental tryouts are needed, the dates and times will be posted on the main page of the Wolves website. 
  • Cost for 2021 Wolves Travel Baseball is $750 per player. Payment of $375 is due within 3 days of accepting an offer to join a team.



For further information, please contact: